Bielenda Rose Cleansing Face Oil For Sensitive Skin 140ml


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Bielenda Rose Care Cleansing Face Oil For Sensitive Skin 140ml

Bielenda Rose Care Cleansing Oil has a form of light hydrophilic oil intended for cleaning and washing delicate and sensitive face skin.

It contains an extremely effective combination of gentle washing substances, precious essential oil of rose fruit, moisturising hyaluronic acid and antioxidant complex of vitamins C + E with anti-ageing effect and protection against the negative effect of environmental pollution.

Unique light oil formula turning into delicate foam, effectively dissolves any pollution prone to fat and water washes, removes make up, liquefies sebum, purifies the skin of impurities and refreshes it.

The essential oil gives a satin soft skin effect, smooths, does not burden the skin, does not dry the skin out it and does not affect its natural protective barrier, takes care of the skin and nourishes it.

Free from SLS and SLES

The whole line is bonded by the essential oil of rose fruit which has an incredibly beautiful sweet rose fragrance.

All products contain:

Hyaluronic Acid – deeply moisturises

Essential Oil Of Rose Fruit – nourishes, softens and smooths

Anti-OX and Anti-Pollution complex-against environmental pollution and ageing of the skin.


For makeup removal, apply the oil to dry skin until makeup completely melts with the oil. Use clean face soft flannel to wipe the oil. Rinse thoroughly with warm water and repeat for second cleanse.

Apply a few doses of oil on your hands and massage evenly into the wet skin, until it transform into delicate foam. Rinse thoroughly with warm water . In case of eye contact, rinse them with a lot of water.

Capacity: 140ml