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Scalp Micropigmentation, is an instant solution for both men and women who suffer from progressive hair loss due to aging, illness, injuries or unsuccessful hair transplant treatment.
It is a life-changing treatment that will return your hairline where it used to be, improve the appearance of thinning hair, and give a smart shave look of a head full of hair.
SMP uses similar process in tattooing with a specific technique to create natural-looking hair follicles that blend instantly with existing hair follicles.
SMP is ideal for clients with hair loss problems including male and female pattern baldness, receding hairlines, diffuse thinning, alopecia and hair transplant scars.

What is Scalp Micropigmentation?

Scalp micropigmentation, also called SMP or a hair tattoo, is a non-surgical hair loss treatment that gives an instant full head of hair appearance by applying thousands of hair follicles into the scalp. The process is similar to tattooing or permanent makeup, where the technician implants the pigment into the skin, similar to hair follicles which naturally blend with existing actual hair follicles and hair.

This procedure gives you a new hairline, a shaven, full head of hair look, and thicker hair. It also covers old scars from accidents, injuries or unsuccessful hair transplant treatment. For people who suffer from male or female pattern baldness, it improves the appearance of the scalp by removing the shine of the skin.

Does Scalp Micropigmentation look fake or real?

Scalp micropigmentation produces hyper-realistic results which mimics the colour and look of your natural hair follicles. These tiny hair follicles tattoo blends well with existing hair, creating a natural look. You can only tell the difference when it is inspected very closely.Is

Scalp Micropigmentation permanent?

Scalp micropigmentation is permanent, which is similar to a tattoo. However, due to its depth of placement in the skin, which is shallower than a body tattoo, it can fade over time. It is advisable to have a touch-up every 2-3 years, depending on how faded they are.

How long does the scalp micropigmentation take per session?

The treatment can take 3-4 hours, depending on the scalp’s treatment size.

How many session are needed for scalp micropigmentation?

The treatment needs at least four sessions to perfect the healed result of scalp micropigmentation. 

  • First session is for the foundation of the overall design of SMP. 
  • Second session is for more coverage by applying more hair follicles pigment. 
  • Third session is adding density to the hair follicles for a fuller look. 
  • Fourth session is for details, by evening out the overall look of hair follicles for a more natural look.

The following intervals are used in scalp micropigmentation.

Fist session

Second Session (1-2 weeks after 1st session)

Third Session (3-4 weeks after 2nd session)

4th Session (4-6 weeks after 3rd session)

Is SMP is the same as Body Tattooing?

SMP and Body Tattoo are similar in the overall treatment process by implanting pigment into the skin but differ in technique. SMP is placed lighthandedly compared to body tattoo, which is injected deeply into the skin. SMP is a specialised treatment that well-trained SMP artists can only perform.

How soon I can see the effect of the treatment?

Unlike other hair loss solutions like hair transplants, the best thing about the SMP is that you can see the difference right after your first session. The first session will give you a hint of hair thickening effect already, which will slowly build up after 2-3 sessions that can only take 4-6 weeks!

Do I need to shave my hair for scalp micropigmentation?

For men, you will need to shave your head up to .5 grade or shorter to blend the SMP with the natural existing hair follicles is advisable. Men shouldn’t have SMP with longer hair for future issues like uneven SMP, which will eventually show when the baldness becomes more visible. When deciding on taking SMP, it is best to choose how you will keep your hair in future. After your SMP treatment, you can grow your hair longer than .5-grade and see how natural it looks. You can cut your hair and keep it shorter whenever you notice the difference between SMP and your hair.

For ladies, you don’t need to cut your hair for the treatment, and we will work around your existing hair.

I am not ready to shave my head yet, can I have SMP?

If you have even hair loss all over the head and are younger (20s), SMP can work by working in between your hair to have a thickening hair effect. However, please remember that hair loss is a progressive process, and your scalp micropigmentation will look uneven in the future when your baldness becomes obvious. Though this can all be corrected, the process can take longer.

For women who always wear their hair longer do not need to shave or cut their hair shorter. The case is their long hair will always cover and blend with SMP.