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Skin Blemishes Removal

(Skin Tag, Age Spots and Sun Spots, and Facial Warts)

Skin Tag Removal treatment is a non-invasive procedure designed to eliminate bothersome skin tags quickly and effectively. These methods are quick, minimally invasive, and provide benefits such as improved aesthetics, reduced irritation, and enhanced comfort.

With skin tag removal, clients can enjoy smoother, clearer skin with minimal scarring and little to no downtime, leading to increased confidence and satisfaction with their appearance.

Skin tag removal treatment offers swift and precise removal of bothersome skin tags, restoring smoothness and clarity to the skin.


Aftercare involves keeping the area clean and applying any recommended ointments to aid in healing and prevent infection.

Course of Treatment

The number of sessions required varies depending on the size and number of skin tags being removed. Our expert practitioners ensure a comfortable experience and provide tailored guidance for post-treatment care to optimize results and ensure client satisfaction.

Suitable for:
  • Individuals with skin tags on various parts of the body.
  • Those bothered by the appearance or discomfort of skin tags.
  • People seeking a quick and non-invasive method for removing skin tags.
  • Those looking to improve the appearance and smoothness of their

Warts removal involves various methods aimed at eliminating warts, which are caused by the human papillomavirus (HPV). These treatments work by disrupting the structure of the wart, causing it to eventually fall off or be absorbed by the body’s immune system. Overall, warts removal procedures are minimally invasive and typically result in smoother, clearer skin. Warts removal offers a convenient solution for those looking to address unsightly or bothersome warts, restoring confidence and comfort in their skin.

Warts removal treatment effectively targets and eliminates unsightly warts, leaving the skin smooth and blemish-free.


Aftercare involves keeping the treated area clean and dry to prevent infection and promote healing.

Course of Treatment

Typically, multiple sessions may be required for complete removal, depending on the size, type, and location of the warts. Our skilled professionals ensure a safe and comfortable experience, guiding clients through the process and providing personalised care for optimal results.

Suitable for:
  • Individuals with common warts, plantar warts, or flat warts.
  • Those seeking to remove unsightly or bothersome warts.
  • People looking for a safe and effective solution for wart removal.
  • Those wanting to prevent warts from spreading or recurring.



Our Age spots and Sun Spot Removal treatment begins with a thorough consultation to assess the client’s skin and determine the most suitable approach. Using advanced technology, targeted laser or light-based treatments are applied to gently and effectively break down the excess melanin responsible for age spots and sun spots.

The benefits of this treatment include a more even skin tone, reduced appearance of sun spots and hyperpigmentation, and overall brighter and rejuvenated skin. The key feature of our Age spots and  Sun Spot Removal treatment is its precision and minimal downtime, allowing clients to achieve clearer and healthier skin with minimal discomfort and interruption to their daily routine.

The effects of our Sun Spot Removal treatment include a noticeable reduction in the appearance of sun spots and hyperpigmentation, leading to a more even and radiant complexion.


Aftercare involves protecting the treated areas from sun exposure with sunscreen and avoiding harsh skincare products for a few days.

Course of Treatment

The number of sessions required depends on the individual’s skin condition and the severity of the sun spots, typically ranging from 1 to 3 sessions spaced several weeks apart for optimal results. Regular maintenance sessions may be recommended to maintain the results over time and prevent new sun spots from forming.

Suitable for:
  • Individuals with visible sun spots, age spots, or hyperpigmentation from sun exposure.
  • Those seeking to even out skin tone and reduce dark spots.
  • People with sun-damaged skin looking to rejuvenate and refresh their complexion.
  • Those committed to sun protection to maintain results.