Skin Clinic Niacinamide Normalizing And Smoothing Day And Night Serum 30ml


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Bielenda Skin Clinic Professional Niacinamide Normalizing And Smoothing Day And Night Serum 30ml


Skin Clinic Professional is an advanced line of professional, highly concentrated MEZO ANTI-AGE preparations for facial skin care with demonstrated efficacy resulting from innovative, specially developed formulas inspired by aesthetic medicine treatments and a high concentration of active ingredientsused in professional treatments in beauty salons.

Recommended for skin with imperfections.

Bielenda Skin Clinic Professional Niacinamide Serum offers a unique blend of carefully curated ingredients, ensuring skin that is both normalized and beautifully smooth.

Crafted for skin with imperfections, it provides an intensive care experience that users will surely appreciate.

Niacinamide: A gentle formulation with minimal nicotinic acid content. Known for its high tolerance and safety, it offers a plethora of benefits – from skin regeneration to revitalisation. This ingredient also harmonises skin tone and lessens the appearance of pores.

Alpha-Arbutin: A natural counterpart to hydroquinone, this ingredient evens out the skin, mitigating minor spots and discolourations. Particularly beneficial for oily and combination skin types, it imparts a luminous glow.

Lactobionic Acid (PHA): An exceptional moisturising agent, it retains hydration within the skin’s topmost layer. It not only rejuvenates the skin but also refines its texture, resulting in a palpably softer and smoother feel.



After 1 use:

– refreshment and noticeable hydration of the skin

After A 1-month of use:

– smoothing and softening the epidermis

– reduction of discoloration and unification of color

– reducing the visibility of enlarged pores



Designed for daily indulgence. Apply every morning and evening, massaging it gently into cleansed skin. While doing so, ensure you steer clear of the eye area and allow the serum to be fully absorbed.

Capacity: 30ml