Bielenda Vitamin C Brightening And Nourishing Day Serum 30ml


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Bielenda Skin Clinic Professional Vitamin C Brightening And Nourishing Day Serum 30ml

Skin Clinic Professional is an advanced line of professional, highly concentrated MEZO ANTI-AGE preparations for facial skin care with demonstrated efficacy resulting from innovative, specially developed formulas inspired by aesthetic medicine treatments and a high concentration of active ingredients used in professional treatments in beauty salons.


Recommended for dull skin.

Drawing inspiration from the marvels of modern science, innovative technology, and the bountiful treasures of nature, this serum encapsulates potent active ingredients that harmoniously collaborate.

Through this synergistic action, remarkable skin transformations are achieved in minimal time.


Skin Type: Perfect for all skin types, especially those in pursuit of a revitalised and radiant complexion.


Active ingredients:

  • 3% Stable Vitamin C: Light and temperature-resistant, this robust ingredient offers formidable anti-aging benefits. It gifts the skin with a radiant glow, refines texture, and promotes an even tone. Noted for its high potency, it ensures speedy results.
  • Ferulic Acid: Amplifies the stability of Vitamin C up to eightfold, bringing depigmenting and skin-correcting qualities that enhance the skin’s overall appearance and colouration.
  • Turmeric: A versatile skincare gem, turmeric rejuvenates, provides anti-aging benefits, brightens, smoothes, and softens the skin, bestowing it with a youthful lustre.


This serum aims to brighten and improve the skin’s vitality. Ideal for rejuvenating dull skin, it imparts freshness after just one use. With consistent application over a month, the skin experiences enhanced smoothness, colour evenness, vivid nourishment, revitalisation, and a significant reduction in fatigue signs.


After 1 use:

– moisturizing and feeling of freshness on the skin

After A 1-month of use:

– smoothing and leveling the color

– illumination and noticeable nourishment of the skin

– revitalization and reduction of signs of fatigue



Suitable for both day and night applications, this serum promises a luminous effect. To unveil its full potential, apply it consistently and observe transformational results.

Capacity: 30ml