Bielenda Bakuchiol BioRetinol Serum Day/Night 30ml


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Bielenda Bakuchiol BioRetinol Effect Rebuilding Anti-Wrinkle Serum Day/Night 30ml

Bakuchiol Bioretinol Serum from Bielenda is rich in natural plant extracts. It captures the strength and power of nature, closed in a glass, ecological bottle.

The almost 100% content of ingredients of natural origin makes the demanding mature skin well-cared for both day and night.

The excellent care quality of the serum is ensured by an innovative formula, in which the base of the serum – ordinary water has been largely replaced by a precious, valuable rose hydrolate – natural rose water, with a moisturising, toning and smoothing effect, thanks to which over 80% of the ingredients of the entire serum are targeted for the correction of wrinkles.


The rebuilding serum effectively revitalises and firms difficult-to-care mature skin, intensively moisturises, regenerates, smooths wrinkles, strengthens andtones the skin, helps to reduce discolouration and imperfections, evens out the skin tone, restores radiance and glow.

Natural serum:

97% of the ingredients are of natural origin

3% ensures durability of the cosmetic and comfort of application

Natural rose water fragrance

PETA Certified; cruelty free

Ecological packaging:

FSC-certified box – by purchasing this product, you help to care for forests around the world

The jar is made of 30% post-production cullet

Packaging without cellophane; less plastic

Active ingredients:

It contains bakuchiol a natural plant ingredient, called bio retinol by experts, due to its high efficiency in regenerating and rebuilding skin cells, comparable to retinol, which is valued in cosmetology.

Bakuchiol does not show the undesirable effects characteristic of retinol such as irritation and redness, therefore it is safe for sensitive skin and is also suitable for use during the day and summer.

Ginkgo biloba improves the skin’s firmness and colour. It stimulates the production of hyaluronic acid, ensuring the skin with proper hydration and elasticity.

Tsubaki oil deeply nourishes and revitalises the skin, supports the reduction of wrinkles.


Every morning and evening, massage the serum into the skin of the face, neck and décolleté. Use alone or as a base or cream. The serum enhances the effect of the cream, is quickly absorbed and is an excellent base for make-up.

Capacity: 30 ml

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