Apis Good Life Moisturising Body Balm 300ml


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Intended for:  all skin types.

Perfectly absorbing, revitalizing balm for all skin types that require intensive hydration.

Rich in hyaluronic acid, collagen, elastin, flax, aloe, mango and cherry extracts binds water, ensures long- lasting moisture of epidermis including deeper layer of the skin.

Balm is enriched with Moroccan argan oil and shea butter, it nourishes and protects against drying, makes the skin soft and elastic.

Enjoy the enchanting fragrance that will accompany you throughout the day.

Fragrance note: sensual, oriental, floral, sandalwood, jasmine, ylang-ylang flowers

Active Ingredients:

* argan oil, shea butter – regenerates and prevents excessive drying

* collagen and elastin – nourishes the skin and stimulates regeneration

* hyaluronic acid – intensely moisturises

* linseed extract – has a soothing and calming effect

* aloe extract – perfectly moisturises and soothes irritations


Spread on clean skin with circular movements and leave until absorbed. Recommended for use immediately after bathing.